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Our Current Best Football Prediction Robot

Date HeldTeamsBot BetOddsScoreWin Or Loss
2019-06-18Romania U21 vs. Croatia U21Login to seeLogin to see - Game unfinished
2019-06-18England U21 vs. France U21Login to seeLogin to see - Game unfinished
2019-06-17Stabaek vs. TromsoLogin to seeLogin to see - Game unfinished
2019-06-17Orgryte vs. GAISLogin to seeLogin to see - Game unfinished
2019-06-16Tianjin Tianhai vs. Henan JianyeLogin to seeLogin to see - Game unfinished
2019-06-16Rosenborg vs. ValerengaLogin to seeLogin to see - Game unfinished
2019-06-16Halmstad vs. MjallbyLogin to seeLogin to see - Game unfinished
2019-06-15Varbergs vs. NorrbyOver 2.51.93 - 2Win
2019-06-15Haugesund vs. BrannOver 2.52.11 - 1Loss
2019-06-15FC Tokyo vs. KobeUnder 2.51.90 - 1Win
2019-06-14St. Patricks vs. Finn HarpsUnder 2.51.851 - 0Win
2019-06-14Palmeiras vs. AvaiUnder 2.51.942 - 0Win
2019-06-14Kawasaki Frontale vs. SapporoOver 2.51.81 - 1Loss
2019-06-13Seattle Sounders vs. Portland TimbersUnder 2.52.011 - 2Loss
2019-06-13DC United vs. Philadelphia UnionOver 2.51.850 - 0Loss

Games coming up soon:

Teams: Tianjin Tianhai vs Henan Jianye
Date held: 2019-06-16
Odds under 2.5 goals: 1.85
Odds over 2.5 goals: 1.95
Teams: Rosenborg vs Valerenga
Date held: 2019-06-16
Odds under 2.5 goals: 1.86
Odds over 2.5 goals: 1.96
Teams: Halmstad vs Mjallby
Date held: 2019-06-16
Odds under 2.5 goals: 1.77
Odds over 2.5 goals: 2.08
Teams: Orgryte vs GAIS
Date held: 2019-06-17
Odds under 2.5 goals: 1.8
Odds over 2.5 goals: 2.05
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Teams: Stabaek vs Tromso
Date held: 2019-06-17
Odds under 2.5 goals: 2
Odds over 2.5 goals: 1.85
Teams: England U21 vs France U21
Date held: 2019-06-18
Odds under 2.5 goals: 1.72
Odds over 2.5 goals: 2.1
Teams: Romania U21 vs Croatia U21
Date held: 2019-06-18
Odds under 2.5 goals: 1.7
Odds over 2.5 goals: 2.15

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Orgryte vs GAIS

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Our 40,000 soccer prediction robots can be compared to a group of gamblers numbered at 40,000. Statistically, there are always big losers and big winners in that group. Our prediction software enables you to follow those few winners with winrates above 70%! Access our software and see all the future sports predictions! Follow the predictions, place your bets, enjoy the game! :)

Our top performing robots have a winrate Above 70%. The analyzing software is entirely based on mathematical algorithms and theory of probability.

With our simple and intuitive search platform you can easily monitor all our robots: their stability, trends and most importantly, the predictions of the future soccer matches! Join us today and take advantage of our prediction robots and daily winning predictions!


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